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Ceramic modular single sink CHAMBORD CLOVIS 595 without a drip, white ceramics

Rectangular modular ceramic sink, faithful replica of a Victorian sink. Basin depth 22 cm. Minimum cabinet width 60 cm.





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About the product

Luxurious sink Chambord Clovis 595 is popular with customers who appreciate vintage style and are furnishing their kitchen in a Victorian style. Sink Clovis 595 is designed for those who want to stand out. The sink represents sophistication.

Massive walls, generous washing area that combines comfort and specific details. The sink has a deep basin (20 cm), ideal for washing large items. The sink is supplied complete with chrome waste and an integrated overflow in a vintage style.

The Chambord Clovis 595 modular sink is a perfect replica of the original Victorian style. The sink brings luxury and a touch of old times to your kitchen.

Modular sinks are preferably recommended for installation with countertops made of non-absorbent material. In the case of a stone countertop, the sink is installed under the countertop; in the case of a wooden countertop, it is recommended that the sink slightly overhangs above the countertop to prevent contact with water.

Among the most common advantages of ceramic sinks are: high resistance to impacts, scratch resistance, high thermal resistance, hygienic harmlessness, easy removal of limescale, color fastness.

Key features of the CHAMBORD CLOVIS 595 kitchen sink

  • white ceramics, one sink without a draining board
  • Clovis 595 has an extended warranty for 5 years
  • ideal choice for Victorian style
  • a sufficiently spacious and deep basin sink 20 cm
  • the sink is intended for modular installation
  • suitable for a cabinet of 60 cm

A ceramic sink is fired in kilns and the glaze is applied by hand, making each piece unique. It is necessary to take into account a tolerance of +/- 1-1.5 cm in dimensions. We recommend having the sink physically available for the realization of the kitchen counter.

Included in the package

  • Sifon
  • Release.

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Basic parameters
Sink type: Single sink
Sink shape: Rectangular
Orientation: Double-sided orientation
Sink material: Ceramics
Width of the kitchen cabinet: 60 cm
Sink mounting type: Modular
Sink style: Rustic / Retro sinks
Drain the sink.: 9 cm
Product TARIC code: 69101000
Eccentric control of the drain: No
Pre-drilled hole for: No
Possibility to drill another hole: No
Warranty: 5
Dimensions of the main tray (cm)
Width of the basin: 41
The length of the bathtub: 55.6
Depth of the bathtub: 20
Minimum width of the cabinet: 60
Round sink: No
Sink dimensions (cm)
Width of the sink: 45.5
Sink length: 59.5
Sink depth: 27
Sink weight (kg): 33.79
Dimensions of the sink package (cm)
Width of the packaging: 47.5
Height of the packaging: 26.3
Depth of the packaging: 61
Weight including packaging (kg): 37
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The Chambord collection of ceramic modular sinks is a harmonious blend of luxury materials and authentic French expertise. Our rich historical heritage shines through our products, so when you choose Chambord, you will want to fill your kitchen with the richness of our history and the essence of true exceptionalism.


From design to production, and from raw materials to finished products, the power and beauty of French craftsmanship are expressed in each of our products. Thanks to the masterful combination of art and tradition, they will bring a perfect aura to your interior.

By choosing the Chambord ceramic sink, you decide to bring centuries of history and prestige into your kitchen.

By choosing Chambord, you will select a true sense of luxury à la française.


The company Chambord can rely on exceptional French skills and expertise, but we are inspired by the historical prestige of the kings of our country, some of whom are still a source of fascination for people all over the world.

By combining each of our products with historically significant personalities, we are working on promoting our remarkable historical and cultural heritage.