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Ceramic sink REGINOX II. JAKOST CLASSIC 1010.10 with a bathtub and a drain. Color: black ceramic

II. Quality - black ceramic double sink with a practical smaller basin. Minimum cabinet width of 60 cm. Top mounting of the sink. Basin depth of 22.3 cm.

Black metalic (silvery)



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About the product

The Classic 1010.10 ceramic sink from the Reginox brand is manufactured in the Netherlands using high-quality materials. This ceramic sink will fit perfectly into any modern kitchen, as well as kitchens in Provencal, French, rustic, or retro style.

Sink with excellent utility features. The smooth surface of the sink is easy to maintain and clean. The sink is resistant to chemicals, does not absorb smells, and dirt or limescale do not stick to it. The sink has a long-lasting color and remains visually beautiful for a long time.

A practical sink that offers a combination of a bathtub and a drain. This will expand your workspace, make it easier for you to handle food and large containers. The bathtub can be used, for example, to drain food, defrost meat, or clean vegetables.

The sink will meet all your expectations with its advantages.

A ceramic sink is fired in kilns and the glaze is applied by hand, making each piece unique. It is necessary to take into account a tolerance of +/- 1-1.5 cm in dimensions. We recommend having the sink physically available for the realization of the kitchen counter.

Included in the package

  • Sifon
  • Release.

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Basic parameters
Sink type: Sink with a bowl and a drip tray
Sink shape: Rectangular
Orientation: Double-sided orientation
Sink material: Ceramics
Width of the kitchen cabinet: 60 cm
Sink mounting type: Upper
Sink style: Rustic / Retro sinks
Drain the sink.: 9 cm
Eccentric control of the drain: No
Pre-drilled hole for: No
Possibility to drill another hole: Yes
Warranty: 2 years
Dimensions of the main tray (cm)
Width of the basin: 40.7
The length of the bathtub: 32.7
Depth of the bathtub: 22.3
Minimum width of the cabinet: 60
The average size of the basin.: No
Sink dimensions (cm)
Width of the sink: 52.5
Sink length: 101
Sink depth: 23.5
Sink weight (kg): 25
Dimensions of the sink package (cm)
Width of the packaging: 54
Height of the packaging: 24.3
Depth of the packaging: 102.5
Weight including packaging (kg): 26
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