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We are specialized importers of sinks, batteries, and other kitchen and sanitary equipment. We have the goods in our own warehouse and ship them promptly. You can choose from kitchen sinks made of granite, ceramic, stainless steel, as well as brass and polypropylene (technical sinks).

✅ Free shipping on orders over 3000 Kč. ✅ Products in stock, dispatched immediately. ✅ Free drilling of holes. ✅ Sink + faucet = 3% discount. We will advise you. ☎ 774 707 287

Favorite products

Kitchen faucets

Choose a suitable faucet for a classic, modern, or retro kitchen. Granite faucets perfectly complement sinks made of the same material. Retro kitchen faucets made of brass stand out with ceramic sinks. We carefully select sink faucets from leading manufacturers. Take advantage of a 3% discount on a sink and faucet set and free hole drilling.


On dř you can find not only batteries and sinks, but also other kitchen and sanitary assortment. Waste disposers are practical and ecological helpers, our technician will be happy to advise you. When buying a new sink, it is the right time to get a soap dispenser. Recently we have expanded our range with high-quality toilet seats in a variety of designs and motifs.

Get rid of kitchen waste ecologically and conveniently.
Kitchen waste disposers
Plugs with a filter, multi-purpose mesh, buttons, and other accessories for impact crushers.
Accessories for grinders
Modern toilet seats with various motifs and 3D effect from the brand Schütte made of Duroplast.
WC seat
Drain traps with or without basket, sets for connecting overflow and other accessories for sinks.
Accessories for sinks
Soap dispensers of elegant design allow you to always have soap at hand.
Soap dispensers.
Compatible filtration cartridges designed for water filtration in whirlpools and pools.
Filter cartridges
Shower panels with freely falling rain and a shower head.
Shower panels
Bamboo furniture is the most ideal choice for bathrooms. Bamboo is easily renewable material.
Bamboo furniture
Modern granite flowerpots are an ideal complement to interiors as well as exteriors.
Granite flower pots.
Automatic faucets Donner.
automatic sink faucet
Trendy black faucets. They will not only impress with their functionality, but above all with their stylish design, which will enhance the overall look of the bathroom.
Modern and elegant range for your bathroom - bathtub and shower faucets including accessories. Everything in trendy matte black color.
Shower faucets and accessories
Three-stage water filtration for households, cottages, small businesses, everywhere where drinking water treatment is needed.
Drinking water filtration
Extensive selection of water filters for coffee machines.
Coffee machine filters.
Water filters for refrigerators.
Refrigerator filters.