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Innovative dryer JET DRYER AIRTAP ROUND combines a hair dryer with an automatic faucet

Round base, one main arm, center water, drying two side nozzles, brushed stainless surface

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About the product

The innovative design of the Jet Dryer AIRTAP - Brushed combines an air jet dryer with an automatic faucet. This allows you to conveniently wash and dry your hands in one place - directly in the sink. Jet Dryer AIRTAP - Brushed is equipped with a HEPA filter. Both the faucet and the dryer are touchless for maximum hygienic operation. Having a dryer at each sink ensures smooth and queue-free operation in restrooms.

Welt Servis spol. s r.o. keeps products and spare parts in stock and provides both warranty and post-warranty service.

Innovative design for easy use.

Washing and drying your hands hygienically has never been easier. By placing your hands under the faucet, water will automatically start flowing at a pre-set temperature. In the middle of the automatic faucet, there is a nozzle for the dryer. Activation is also touchless, simply insert your hands and move them similarly to washing.

On the side of the dryer's handle are backlit LED rings. The rings pulse with white light, indicating the dryer's function. They glow blue during use.

Durable and compact

The battery body with a T-shaped dryer is made of high-quality brushed steel. The dryer unit is safely hidden under the sink, out of reach of potential vandals. Therefore, the dryer does not unnecessarily take up space.

HEPA filtration

The air passing through the dryer is purified by a HEPA filter with the ability to capture over 99.9% of particles the size of bacteria and viruses. In combination with completely contactless use, the battery with the Jet Dryer AIRTAP is maximally hygienic.

Always dry and clean floor

Thanks to the fact that the hands can be dried directly in the sink, the floor of your bathrooms will not be splattered by visitors moving to the paper towel dispenser or hand dryer. In addition, you will no longer have to worry about emptying bins full of paper towels.

Automatic air heating

In case the temperature in the toilets is low, the Jet Dryer DUO will automatically turn on the air heating. The blown air can also be continuously heated, regardless of the surrounding temperature.

4 speed levels

With Jet Dryer AIRTAP you can choose from four drying speeds. The operation of the dryer is very quiet on the lower setting. On the higher settings, the drying process takes a shorter time. You can easily switch speeds on the control panel on the dryer unit.

Always safe operation

The Jet Dryer AIRTAP is equipped not only with protection against short circuit and overload but also with the auto-stop function. In case of prolonged operation, it will automatically shut off. Drying is turned off after 45 seconds of continuous operation.

Adjustable water temperature

Included in every package of the hand dryer with a 2-in-1 faucet is a mixing valve allowing the setting of a comfortable water temperature. The Jet Dryer AIRTAP can also be directly connected only to cold water.

Simple assembly

Installation of the hand dryer in the Jet Dryer AIRTAP faucet is possible without the need for significant construction modifications. The unit can be easily placed under the sink. Another option is mounting it on a wall bracket.

Included in the package

  • Assembly instructions
  • Assembly suspension panel
  • 5 x 25 mm self-tapping screw, 4 pieces.
  • 5 mm anchor 4 pieces.
  • Water mixing valve

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Basic parameters
Model: Air tap - brushed stainless steel
Use: Representative washrooms and bathrooms, busy operations, places limited by space.
Product TARIC code: 85163300
Warranty: 3
Technical parameters
Method of securing the unit: Position under the sink / wall-mounted
Battery installation method: To the sink drain.
Cover material of the unit: White ABS plastic
Material of the battery body: Stainless steel
Surface finish - color: Brushed stainless steel
Noise - sound level: 75 dB
Controls: Capacitive buttons
Status indication: LED on the unit, backlit ring on the shoulder strap
Trigger System (Power On, Control): Automatic-infrared sensor
Switching distance: 8-12 cm
Warm air: YES - according to ambient temperature / permanently on
Change engine speed / air speed: 4 speed levels
Air Speed: 90 m/s
Water flow: up to 4 l/min at a pressure of 0.4 MPa
Operating temperature: 0 ° C / + 40 °C
Standard air filter: Yes
HEPA filter: Yes
HEPA filter class: H13
Appropriate water temperature: 0-80 °C
Case material: Stainless steel
Type: In the battery
Electric specifications
Input voltage: AC 220-240 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power input: 1350-1550 W
Heating element output: 650-750 W
Motor power: 700 W
Motor type: Serial AC commutator
Current consumption: 6.1 A.
Standby mode: <2 W
Power cable: CEE plug 7/7
Power cord length: 130 mm
Protective and security elements
Protection against excessive use: Yes
Overcurrent protection, overheating and short-circuit protection: Yes
Electricity class protection: II. (amplified insulation)
Degree of protection: IP24
Dimensions, weight, packaging
Unit dimensions: 315x216x191 mm (w/h/d)
Battery body dimensions: 152x182x (w/h)
Packaging dimensions: 320x530x260 mm (w/h/d)
Unit weight: 5.7 kg
Weight including packaging (kg): 8.5kg
Packing method: Protective polybag, polystyrene cover, cardboard box
Width of the packaging (cm): 53
Height of packaging (cm): 32
Depth of packaging (cm): 26
  • Jet Dryer DUO 2v1
    In stock

    Above the automatic battery is the nozzle outlet of the dryer.

    11 990 Kč Including VAT
  • Jet Dryer AIRTAP angular - chrome
    In stock
    FREE SHIPPING3-year warranty

    Square base, one main arm, center water, drying with 2 side nozzles, glossy chrome surface.

    15 990 Kč Including VAT