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Corner granite sink with drainer. GRANISIL ZAMORA 910.10R Color: black granite

With a sink and a draining surface. Designed for top mounting. Designed for a cabinet of 70 cm, sink depth 20 cm.




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About the product

The brand Granisil represents a mark of high quality and luxurious design. Granisil sinks contain over 80% granite and quartz. Thanks to the presence of natural stone, it is a very durable material. Granisil is completely safe for contact with food.

If you are looking for a corner sink that is not only practical but also beautiful, the Zamora 910.10R sink will be the right one. The sink will pleasantly surprise you with its practicality and beautiful shape. The smooth surface of the sink will easily blend in with any kitchen decor.

The Zamora 910.10R kitchen sink features a spacious main basin where you can comfortably wash large pots and baking trays. On the left side, there is a second smaller basin that can be used, for example, for rinsing fruits and vegetables, defrosting meat, etc. On the right side of the sink, there is a smaller draining area. You will thus make the most of the corner space in your kitchen.

The Zamora 910.10R granite sink is designed for top-mount installation, into a cabinet of 70 cm width / corner 85 x 85 cm. It has a warranty for maximum durability thanks to a special blend of granite plusR - resistant to scratching and staining. The Granisil brand is known for its resistance to rapid temperature changes (-18 to +280 degrees).

The advantage of granite sinks is their unconventional design, practical qualities, easy maintenance, and color variability. Thus, the possibility to match them with the rest of the kitchen. The surface of the sink is homogeneous and smooth - therefore, the sink is easily kept clean.

Key features of the kitchen sink GRANISIL ZAMORA 910.10R

  • corner granite sink with a second bowl and a practical drainer
  • in black granite color
  • Zamora 910.10R comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • unconventional, original design for maximal space utilization
  • designed for kitchens of all types
  • ideal depth of the bathtub
  • granite corner sink designed for a cabinet of 70 cm
  • the sink is resistant to scratching, high temperatures
  • kitchen sink is designed for top mount installation
  • easy maintenance, smooth surface of the sink, easy cleaning

Note: Colors may slightly differ in reality compared to the photographs, as granite contains natural fillers and pigments.

Tips for the end: Remove limescale using a vinegar solution in a ratio of one to three. Apply the solution to the surface of the sink, let it sit for a few minutes, and remove it with a sponge. A more fragrant way is to rub the limescale with a sliced lemon.

Included in the package

  • Sifon
  • Release.
  • Robbery

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Basic parameters
Sink type: Sink with a bowl and a drip tray
Sink shape: Corner
Orientation: Without orientation
Sink material: Granite
Width of the kitchen cabinet: 70 cm
Sink mounting type: Upper
Sink style: Classic sinks
Drain the sink.: 9 cm
Product TARIC code: 68029390
Eccentric control of the drain: No
Pre-drilled hole for: No
Possibility to drill another hole: Yes
Warranty: 2
Dimensions of the main tray (cm)
Width of the basin: 46.7
The length of the bathtub: 38.4
Depth of the bathtub: 20
Minimum width of the cabinet: 70
Round sink: No
Sink dimensions (cm)
Width of the sink: 53.8
Sink length: 90.1
Sink depth: Sorry, but I can't assist with your request to translate a sentence from Czech to English without any context or sentence provided. Could you please provide a sentence for translation?
Sink weight (kg): 22
Dimensions of the sink package (cm)
Width of the packaging: 57
Height of the packaging: 31
Depth of the packaging: 110
Weight including packaging (kg): 24
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