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White ceramic sink. REGINOX MODENA 1000.10 with a bathtub and a drain

Designer ceramic white sink with a smaller bowl and a draining area. Bowl depth 20 cm. Min. cabinet width 60 cm.

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About the product

The Reginox Modena II. 1000.10 model from the Dutch company belongs to the category of ceramic sinks with an additional small bowl and drainer.

Design-wise, it is a very minimalist, simple, yet highly sought-after model at present. This ceramic sink fits into any interior, whether you have a minimally furnished kitchen at home, or on the contrary, you prefer a rustic and Provence-style kitchen. The kitchen sink is designed for intensive daily use and includes one large, deep basin, a smaller second compartment, and a spacious drainboard, which is ideal for multitasking in busy kitchens.

The dimensions of the large basin provide enough space for manipulation even when washing larger pots, pans, and other containers. The smaller basin can be used to store smaller pieces of dishes, or alternatively, for draining pasta, potatoes, or rinsing fruits and vegetables as needed.

Ceramic sinks are becoming increasingly sought-after items lately, they are trendy and their features will provide you with not only comfortable care for your wash center, but also a luxurious and well-maintained appearance throughout years of use.

The ceramic sink offers a range of advantages: high resistance of ceramics to impact, high durability, resistance of ceramics to scratches, exceptionally high temperature resistance, hygienic safety, easy cleaning, colorfastness.

Key features of the Reginox MODENA II. 1000.10 kitchen sink

  • shiny white ceramic sink in high gloss with a drainer and a small tub
  • 10-year warranty
  • high-quality ceramics
  • Double-sided orientation
  • The siphon is located in the main sink trap
  • size of the large bowl (length x width x depth): 407 x 327 x 223 mm
  • size of a small bowl (length x width x depth): 272 x 161 x 165 mm

A ceramic sink is fired in kilns and the glaze is applied by hand, making each piece unique. It is necessary to take into account a tolerance of +/- 1-1.5 cm in dimensions. We recommend having the sink physically available for the realization of the kitchen counter.

Included in the package

  • Sifon
  • Release.
  • Robbery

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Basic parameters
Sink type: Sink with a bowl and a drip tray
Sink shape: Rectangular
Orientation: Double-sided orientation
Sink material: Ceramics
Width of the kitchen cabinet: 60 cm
Sink mounting type: Upper
Sink style: Rustic / Retro sinks
Drain the sink.: 9 cm
Product TARIC code: 69101000
Eccentric control of the drain: No
Pre-drilled hole for: No
Possibility to drill another hole: Yes
Warranty: 10
Dimensions of the main tray (cm)
Width of the basin: 38.9
The length of the bathtub: 32.1
Depth of the bathtub: 20
Minimum width of the cabinet: 60
Round sink: No
Sink dimensions (cm)
Width of the sink: 52.5
Sink length: 101
Sink depth: 23.5
Sink weight (kg): 28
Dimensions of the sink package (cm)
Width of the packaging: 51.5
Height of the packaging: 21.8
Depth of the packaging: 101.5
Weight including packaging (kg): 30
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